Mountainside Repair Shop

Don’t let your equipment slow you down. Mountainside Repair has the skilled technicians, tools and supplies needed to keep your skis and boards in top shape.  We specialize in keeping you sliding in all snow conditions.  You can find our repair and tuning shops located right next to rentals at in the Red Tail Lodge and at The Showroom in the South Lodge.

Sharpen & Wax
Quick Hot Wax$12.99 (+ tax)
Iron Hot Wax$22.99 (+ tax)
Stone Grind$30.00 (+ tax)
Sharpen$16.99 (+ tax)
Basic Tune$44.99*
Full Tune$54.99**
Racers Hand Tune$44.99

*Includes stone grind, sharpen & quick wax. **P-tex, stone grind, sharpen & quick wax)

Core Shot-based Weld$30/Half Hour (+ tax)
Edge Repair$30/Half Hour (+ tax)
Ankle Strap$17.00 (+ tax)
Top Strap$12.00 (+ tax)
Ladder Strap$7.00 (+ tax)
Buckles$8.41 (+ tax)

*Pass holders receive a one-time 50% off discount on machine wax and sharpen package. *Minimum price for stone grind work, depending on the condition of the equipment. Costs could be more than $15.

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