Team Newsletter – January

SNOW Partners Mission Statement

“To Enhance the Lives of our Team, Guests and Partners by Building Lasting Connections.”

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Resilient. Ethusiastic. Adventurous. Community Minded. Hungry For Improvement.

Monthly Award


Team Member of the Month (November)

Gail Hayes, Accounting


Team Member of the Month (November)

Chase Sanders, Food & Beverage


Team Member of the Month (December)

Louise Staley, SASS Blazer

SNOW Partners Visits Killington Mountain VT for NSAA East Conference
Resort Chief, Evan joins the Grooming Team for the night.
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What’s New


Public Events

– NJ Special Olympics (February 6-7) – Snowshoe Invasion (February 25th) – Hedda Memorial (February 25th)


Team Events

– Team Member Night @ Schuss: Every Monday – Pizza Days: Presidents Day – Annual Ski Trip to Belleayre Resort: Feb 7th – Family Fun Day: February 27 – End of Season Party: March 8th


Team Referral Leaderboard – Earn Extra Money For Referrals

Ryan CalandrilloGE3
Olivia BorinoF&B2
James EcclesIndoor GE2
Thomas HowesRacing Crew3
Rachel KingGuest Experience2
Matt McCarthyF&B2
Cynthia SchneiderLift Ops2

Perks & Benefits

  • Complimentary All-Access Team Member Season Pass
  • Food & Beverage Discounts
  • Retail & Rentals Discounts
  • Lodging Discounts
  • Team Member Referral Bonus Program
  • Additional discounts for qualifying family members
  • Discounts at Big SNOW

Want to learn more about your perks & benefits? Stop by our Team Experience Office.

Health & Wellness

Employee Assistance Program: 800-450-1327

Community Connections

Check out all of our current volunteer opportunities. We encourage all of our team members to take part in the community and these are the perfect way to get started.


Ginnie’s House Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Office Help
    • Answering phones
    • Various administrative tasks
    • Assisting with workshops
  • Helping with Children’s’ Functions
    • Annual holiday party
    • Annual back-to school fair
  • Fundraising Events
    • Item & donation solicitations
    • Mailings
    • Event participation & promotion
    • Fundraiser prep & participation
  • Community Education Events
    • Speakers Bureau
    • Open house
    • Township days
    • Farm & Horse Show/NJ State Fair
    • Education/Awareness Activities

Are you interested? Please contact Andrea Ryker:  973-579-0770 Ext. 701

Ronald McDonald House

Across the NJ area, hundreds of individuals, schools and companies are 

working together to collect pop tabs to benefit Ronald McDonald House 

Charities.  Those pop tabs are then recycled by the charity’s recycling 

partner, United Scrap Metal, and the charity will then receive the market 

value of the recycled metal, plus a charitable match from United Scrap 

Metal.  We invite you to join us in supporting families at Ronald McDonald House today.


Prevent Slip, Trip and Falls at Mountain Creek!

Clear a Path:

  • Clean Spills Quickly
  • Remove Snow from Sidewalks
  • Clear Walkways
  • Keep floors dry

Watch Your Step

  • Keep an eye for uneven surfaces
  • Be Aware of your surroundings (Stay off your phone!)

Plan for Prevention

  • Wear Appropriate footwear (YakTracks!!)
  • Spread salt on icy surfaces
  • Take care of your workplace

Yak Tracks

Get handed out for Seasonal TM’s at the uniform shop.


Logistics Corner


Time Off Requests

All time off requests must be requested through Paycom and done 2 weeks in advance. If you are going away for multiple days in a row, please put in time off for ALL days even if you are not scheduled. 

The links below will help you navigate your  Paycom app, and assist you with scheduling your shifts!

International Student Program (ISP) Corner


Meet Constanza Valentina Gonzalez

Country: Argentina School: University Diego Portales Major: Design Languages: English, German, and Spanish Rehire to Mountain Creek Outdoor Guest Experience Ambassador “My principal qualities are creativity, perseverance and a love of learning. The first one I think is because my major makes me be creative all the time and I think being creative is thanks to my personality. I love to invent new things and create new stuff. Thanks to my creativity I am always improvising in my daily life. The second one is perseverance. I think this one is a gift because meeting people with this quality is not easy. Currently to be more specific my generation has no perseverance in anything and they want everything instantaneously. The last one is my favorite, I love learning in every way possible. If there is something new to learn I will be there, you have to be sure of that. My hobbies are volleyball, ice skating and playing video games.”


Meet Diego Ismael Velarde

Country: Peru School: University De Lima Major: International Business Languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish New Hire to Mountain Creek Lift Operator “I am punctual, responsible, I have the attitude to work under pressure and I have the capacity to work with people in other areas, manage problems and solve them. My hobbies are cycling, listening to music and playing video games. My interests are all related with anime-manga, volleyball and discover new places around the city”


Meet Juan Francisco Lella Gilabert

Country: Argentina School: University Nacional De Cuyo Major: Law Languages: English and Spanish Rehire with Mountain Creek Lift Operator “I am a person who loves to learn new stuff and work hard to achieve my goals. Another quality is that I do not have fear of putting me in situations where mostly everything is unknown for me because I have confidence in my social and personal skills which helps me to overcome those situations. Some of my hobbies and interests are reading different types of books such as novels, biographies, police and terror stories and I am also a futsal player. I am studying law because I want to be an attorney in the future and I want to bring justice with my professional performance. I want to travel a lot, I want to travel the world and visit as many countries as possible. ”


Meet Martin Leonardo Bugueno

Country: Chile School: University San Sebastian Major: Public Administration Languages: English and Spanish New Hire with Mountain Creek Lift Operator “ I have been learning English for a few years and I know the basics of the language, indications, and how to help people in certain situations. My hobbies and interests are listening to music, playing video games, and playing instruments. For example, I like the bass and the drums so much. ”